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  • behind the scenes

    behind the scenes

    Our designer and brand founder Mindi, keeps busy bringing gorgeous jewellery designs to life. "We love creating but our customers are of the heart of our business"

  • new season colours

    new season colours

    Style is important but colour is the corner stone to our designs. We love looking ahead to what colour trends are on their way ..and then we create accordingly!

  • whats on it's way

    whats on it's way

    There is nothing more exciting than seeing new collections come to life and onto the shelves. We keep our brand fresh and new and are always releasing new styles.

looking ahead to summer, think colour!

Unlike the hazy, laid-back hues of warm seasons past, the color palette for this coming Spring-Summer 2020/21 demands our full physical participation. In art and society, theorizing and brainstorming have been moved aside in favor of mindfulness and conscious action, taking form in everything from personal wellness to activism and outreach.

So too on the runways: Where in Spring-Summer 2019, the focus was on the ethereal and heavenly — think pearly, textured whites; high heaven blues and violets; and the lo-fi optimism of millennial pink — the upcoming summer season brings our sensibility back to earth, with vibrant, well-rounded organic-inspired shades that are both grounding and galvanizing.

In the year of perfect vision, these four succulent shades will be front and centre to our upcoming Summer release.

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