pathway to a better future

We are committed to a better future, and our goal is to create beautiful items that you not only love but also have minimal impact on the planet.


Eco Brass Material

Our EcoChic Range uses 100% eco brass metal. This collection is the beginning of our recycled and eco Material journey and we look forward to bringing Recycled metal pieces in our next collections.


Factories use bio degradable packaging

half of our factories are using earth friendly poly bags that are 100% landfill safe and environmentally degradable. Our goal for 2022 is that all of our factories send our Zafino stock using biodegradable packaging.


Recycled shipping materials

we have moved away from our plastic mailers and now send out your orders in 99.9% recycled boxes which are recyclable and compostable, made in Australia and plastic free therefore ocean friendly. Using waterbed inks and no nasty glues.


Carbon Neutral Delivery

We now offset 100% of deliveries compensating for carbon emissions which can't be avoided by funding a carbon reduction or removal project elsewhere in the world. Offsets are measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).