September 08, 2021



Some of our favourite jewellery designers have mentioned their favourite, everyday earrings! Check out how you can rock the same styles from pieces available in our current collection. 

We love to research and find new designers that have an influence over new and trending jewellery pieces. 

What we love to do here at Zafino, is to find out what top picks are circling socials, and give you all an outlet to attain the same style of pieces, at a more affordable price!

Having such a large range available allows us to cater for everyone and all your jewellery needs!

Although we are always designing up new pieces - there is nothing better than finding similar items and making it easier for those to get their hands on what's hot and trending right now. 

Founder and Creative Director of ByChari, Char    Cuthbert has listed her current favourite, everyday jewellery item from her very own brand. Featured on Harpers Bazaar.
Gold, thick simple hoops:

Zafino Carley Hoop Earrings 

Shop Zafino's Version of the chunky hoop trend. Our Carley Earrings are the perfect hoop to last you from day to night and the stainless steel base metal means that these beauties can be worn in water.


Founder and Chief executive of Tini Lux, Jackie Burke mentions her everyday pair of earrings from her brand. Featured on Harpers Bazaar.


Similar to Zafino's Bonnie Gold Hoop 

A favourite of ours and many other designers like Jackie Burke, Founder and Chief executive of Tini Lux is the snake chain necklace. Elevating any outfit is so simple and effortless with a snake chain, especially if you like to layer. 


Get the it girl look with Zafino's everyday staple pieces. We know you will love them. 


Zafino Girls,